超97碰公开视频在线观看Showcase 1 - Be serious about your music.

PlayIT! will become your favorite. It offers a list of features long enough that we could sit here talking about it all day. But, if you're serious about your music, you should definitely take a look. Find us one every market!

They were the first to go PlayIT

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It's beautiful

We are 'Play It!', a startup specialising in funky headphones and speakers. We make and sell the mechanisms that let you listen to your favourite music everywhere! With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable client care and passion for design, you could say we’re the ‘all singing, all dancing’ kind. We think you’ll love working with us.

We make the objects that bring music closer to you. If you want to play music at home on a bad ass box of take in on the road with headphones, we make all the options possible.

Easy to use

With all the apps that users love! Make it easy for users to share, like, post and tweet their favourite things from the app. Be sure to let users know they continue to remain connected while using your app!

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Be serious about your music

All appointments sync with your Google calendar so your availability is always up to date. See your schedule at a glance from any device.

Smart Notifications on hands

Automatic text and email reminders make sure customers always remember their upcoming appointments.

PlaIT on any devices

Take payments and run your business on the go, in your store and then see how it all adds up with analytics.

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Beautiful multipurpose bootstrap landing page.